Cook and scholar update

It has been a while since the last map update. But with a reason. From now on we will also export a map with the crops and plants. So our cooks and scholars can find their stuff a bit easier.
For now it will only say where stuff can be collected, but not yet for the individual items. So there is not yet a difference between a Tater and an indogo plant. That will be done in the future.
Aside from all of this we went into Lorien and Dunland again, so they are added to the map as well.

New host and downtime

Just to make it a bit short. We moved from hostingservice in the last week. This due to the downtime that we had without an real explanation from our old host.
To prevent more downtime in the future we made the move. So the site is back online and that will hopefully stay so for a long time.
- 2018-9-mar

Fibro Jedi is making crafing guides

Getting your resources is one thing. But what do you want to do with them. How does the crafing work in Lotro. For a new player it can be difficult to find the right proffesion or crafing in general.
Fibro Jedi, a fellow Twitch streamer, thought the same about this problem. He is making crafing guides at the moment. His guide starts at the beginning of crafting and explains everything from gathering to processing upto crafting gear.
If you are interested, please visit Fibro Jedi blogsite. Dont forget to leave a comment on his page if you found his guides usefull.
- 2018-22-feb

Scholar update

Back in version 10 of our resourcemap we exported our first scholar / artifact map. This time we gave it a huge update for the lower level artifacts. Most of the areas where you travel while doing the Epic quests are plotted.
Also there are updates for the ore and wood plots as normal. We hope that you will have some use of the new map.
Link to the resource maps
- 2018-07-feb

Streaming on Twitch

As some of you already noticed, we are live on Twitch. Afther almost two months of tinkering it's finnaly to the point stuff is getting real. The last two weeks we were already online, but not without problems.
Most of them are solved by now ant we will be life on the following days:
Monday: 7pm - 9pm
Thursday: 7pm - 9pm
Friday: 6pm - 7pm (only if I can make it)
All times GMT and are just an indication.
You can find us here in Twitch.
If you would like to watch any of the streams back, you can find those on our Youtube channel.
- 2018-28-jan

Lotro resource map v.10

The Lotro resource map has been updated to version 10. To start the year with fresh energy we will, from now on, also export a map for our scholars. So along side the wood and ore map, there will also be a map with the artifacts.
We haven't played with a scholar on Lotro yet, so there are not a lot plotted sofar. But we hope that it is already usefull.
- 2018-4-jan

Setup tour

Recently I (Archosaur) have recieved a lot the same question 'what kind of pc are you using?'. Since this isn't a quick answer, have we decided to provide an answer in (properbly to much) detail. So you can find most of the information on the PC-setup page.
If you would like even more information about it, please let us know.
- 2018-2-jan

Lotro Beacon

For this week can you find us in Lotro Beacon issue 37. This is a weekly newsletter with lots of stuff and events from the community. So we are honoured to be on there. Big shoudout to StandingStonesGames to appriciate our work so far.
With some luck will this spread the word, and more people will use our maps.
- 2017-30-nov

Mobile users

The website sould now be better to read from your mobile divices. Due to the more than we expected visits from mobile users have we developed a simple but effective layout for mobile users. In the future we will refine this solution. It might be that you need to zoom-out a bit when you visit a page. We are working on that.
- 2017-21-nov

First day online

Afther tinkering for more than 3 months, we finally dicided to go for it and open the website open to the Internet. The main reason is at this moment is to create a platform to share the ongoing Lotro recource map.
If you are always wandering around in Lotro, hoping to find you so needed recources. that this map might be usefull for you. please klick the 'lotro-map' button to find out more. And is you found it usefull, please spread the word, the map is there for everyone.
- 2017-16-nov

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